Fillings are used to repair or restore, broken and damaged teeth. Teeth can be damaged in many ways but most commonly by decay (caries), fractures and wear of teeth.

The fillings used to restore/repair teeth include white (composite) fillings, silver (amalgam) fillings and glass ionomer.

Our dental team will assess the cause of the damage, discuss the options available including the most appropriate fillings as well providing advice and education to prevent further damage.

The different types of fillings available


Composite fillings offer the most aesthetic options and most closely mimic natural teeth. They can be used to restore and repair damaged teeth as well as correct minor misalignments.

Composite fillings can be matched to your existing tooth colour or can be used to create lighter whiter smiles.  They can be bonded to the tooth which allows a more conservative approach.


Amalgam has been used in dentistry for over 100 years. It has proved to be a very long lasting filling material. Due to the strength of amalgam fillings they perform very well in the back of the mouth where they can withstand the biting and chewing forces.

Glass ionomer

Glass ionomers are available in a range of shades and can be matched to your tooth colour. They are very effective in certain limited situations where an amalgam or composite filling may not be the most appropriate option.