Periodontal Gum Treatment

Patient’s may commonly suffer with gum issues. Our highly skilled team will assess your risk factors and provide appropriate treatment and advice. Gum disease commonly presents with

  • bleeding gums
  • redness and swelling of gums
  • pain
  • bad breath and taste
  • looseness of teeth
  • loss of teeth

The most common gum problems experienced by 90% of patients is gingivitis which is inflammation of the gums resulting in bleeding and redness. This can be resolved with regular hygiene appointments with our highly skilled hygienist as well as maintaining good oral hygiene practices at home.

10-15% of patients can experience periodontitis, which involves damage to the bone and tissues supporting the teeth. Without treatment periodontitis can lead to pain and tooth loss. Our highly skilled dentist will work alongside the hygiene team to stabilise the disease and provide long term maintenance.