Crowns (caps), can be used for a variety of reasons including:

  • to restore teeth damaged by decay, trauma and wear
  • to replace large unsightly fillings
  • to improve the aesthetics and position of teeth
  • help retain dentures
  • provide support for bridges
  • protect teeth after root canal treatment

Crowns are normally favoured when the damage is more extensive and a simple filling would not be appropriate. Crowns can replace damaged portions of the tooth as well provide protection to the remaining healthy tooth tissue ensuring  a better long term outcome. There are many crowns types and materials available and the dentist will always ensure you are offered the most appropriate crown choices for your individual needs.


Onlays are a derivative of crowns and can be made from gold, composite or porcelain. They are bonded into place and therefore require less tooth removal than other crown options. Onlays can be used effectively in situations where the preparation for a crown may be deemed too destructive or in situations where there has been more tooth damage.